NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp has plead guilty to one count of domestic violence after he reportedly stepped on his ex-girlfriend’s head during a dispute between the two on April 28 in Las Vegas, Nevada. For accepting the plea deal, Sapp will avoid serving any jail time by undergoing six months of domestic violence counseling,

The altercation between the former couple began at the M Resort, with surveillance footage capturing Sapp throwing a margarita in his ex-girlfriend, Chalyce Moore’s face, before physically lifting her off the ground by violently yanking her arm or purse.

From there, Moore told investigators that while in the car, on the way home, Sapp bit her middle finger. Upon arrival to the condo, Moore reportedly threw a belt at Sapp to try to defend herself but the action made her lose her balance and fall to the ground. As she lay on the ground, Sapp stomped on her head, which Moore believes caused her to suffer from an undiagnosed concussion.

So let’s be real, not to say that Warren Sapp wasn’t a first round hall of famer, but if this had happened prior to his induction, you can bet that he’d be waiting a few more years before getting voted in. This was yet another incident in a string of domestic violence cases from current and former NFL players within the past year.

300 pounds stomping on your head!? He deserved more than six months of counseling! Damn shame.

What do y’all think?