I am actually better in less clothing.

Those are the words supermodel Chrissy Tiegen told W Magazine, as she prepares to appear topless in their upcoming August issue. The 29-year-old wife of R&B singer, John Legend will be part of their 10 sexiest supermodels on social media spread, adequately titled “Privacy Settings.”

Despite Instagram’s no-nipple policy, Tiegen took to the platform to share the racy¬†photo featured on the magazine’s website with her 2.5 million followers. Unfortunately, like Rihanna knows all too well, Instagram removed the photo not too long after.

Before it got pulled, let’s just say this, Chrissy Tiegen, plus Dulce & Gabbana underwear and Altuzarra thigh-high boots, yes please!

At least that’s what you’d think.

The model later shared a photo with her fans of a hater’s comments about the¬†mystery baby that apparently “effed up her body.” This from the hating fan:

I like Chrissy, sometimes lol other times yes she’s annoying but I like that she’s like F it that baby Fd my body up but so what.

Y’all know about a baby? I don’t and neither did Chrissy, her response:

I can’t stop laughing #thatbabyf–kedupmybodybutsowhat #nobaby.

While the hater’s comment is still available for all to see on Chrissy’s instagram, the photo from her W spread which sparked the comment has since found it’s way to her Twitter account with the caption, “oops.”

Thank you, Twitter.