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Five Reasons to Go Vegan

It can be quite a nightmare in today’s society to be healthy and eat healthy. It’s hard to know exactly who and what we can trust when we hear so many reports about diets and foods, both good and bad.

However, the more we hear and the more we learn, there seems to be a constant truth among experts that a great way to boost your health, your immune system and your life, is to go vegan.

Animal-based diets are continually proving to hurt our health and our environment. Some heavy meat diets are quite directly linked to high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease.

It may seem difficult to go vegan, but switching to a plant-based diet is a great choice, and we will give you five reasons why.

1. Fight Disease

For me, this first reason, is reason enough alone to go vegan. A vegan diet, above all other diets, leads the way when it comes to health benefits, proving to reduce the risks of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. This is a welcome sign of relief when meat and dairy have been found to be linked to causing some forms of cancer.

2. Health and Weight Loss

Weight is a constant battle for most people. The simple truth is that your weight is also directly related to your diet. A vegan diet is free of cholesterol and has significantly less unhealthy saturated fats than animal-based foods. Also, the foods you eat when you go vegan support your body and its ability to break down food and fight fat – such as fruit, seeds, whole grains, beans, legumes, and nuts.

3. Better Sleep

This is another key point that nearly makes it completely worth it to go vegan. Sleep is absolutely precious to me and can sometimes be very hard to get enough of in our busy lives. A plant-based diet is high in vitamin B6, magnesium and calcium and promote a healthy serotonin level which all promote a better night of sleep and relaxation. Since sleep has increasingly been linked to our weight, productivity and mentality, this is certainly a key factor to consider.

4. Better Digestion

Plant-based diets are rich in fiber – a key nutrient your body needs to help with digestion. If you switch to vegan from an animal-based diet without a lot of vegetables in your diet, you will certainly notice a difference in your digestion. Red meat, dairy and eggs will remain in your digestive track for days which can be tough on digestion. A plant-based diet will not only speed up digestion, but will help fight colon cancer which is one of the most common cancers today.

5. Natural Pain Killer

Greens vegetables and fruits are natural anti-inflammatories. Inflammation after a workout or from a sore and tired body can actually increase with an animal-based diet. A vegan diet is naturally alkaline-forming and will naturally help fight sore muscles and will promote more flexibility, strength and health for your body.

There are many reasons to consider a plant-based diet. The main one is simply to do it for your health and for a better quality of life. Go vegan today!