These athletes are living the life and while they’re certainly rolling in the dough, some of them are getting away with murder. Here are the top 100 highest-paid athletes in the world, more than a few of whom are going to have you scratching your head. There are only 2 women on this list. Why aren’t women athletes paid as much as men athletes? You tell me! Only tennis stars Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams made the top 100 highest-paid athletes. This isn’t about the battle of the sexes. It’s not about whether a female athlete could beat a male athlete at the same sport. This is about women not being valued in our society as much as men. This happens to women who work in all fields. It’s called the Gender Pay Gap. Studies show that women only make 79% of what a man earns. There are no signs of this changing much. The gap is not expected to close for about 100 years. I’m actually not that upset that only 2 women are among the top 100 highest paid athletes, but I am mad as hell that all women, especially women of color, who only make 64% of what white men earn, are getting their fair share of the pie.

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source & photos/Forbes