Justin Timberlake is in hot water following his tweet on Saturday night. The tweet was met with extreme criticism, with many believing it to be racist in nature. Timberlake sent a message to Madonna that read, “A Happiest of Bdays to my mother chucking ninja @ Madonna.” All those collaborations with Hip Hop stars like Jay Z, Timbaland, and 50 Cent probably didn’t teach him anything. The term Ninja is popularly used as a synonym for the word “nigga”. He has quite the following on Twitter, around 30 million followers to be precise. They must have been horrified to see the tweet.

He wanted to wish Madonna a happy 56th birthday on Saturday. The tweet was ambiguous in nature and Justin probably didn’t expect the sort of backlash he faced on Twitter for it. Perhaps the message did have a subliminal meaning. We can never be so sure of anything in life. His representatives have yet to report anything on the matter though.

Timberlake realized his mistake soon enough and deleted the tweet instantly. However, that didn’t stop many Twitter birds from expressing their disgust. Timberlake is the recipient of 9 Grammy and 2 Emmy Awards, and is currently married to the stunning Jessica Biel. For a man who strives for perfection in every area, this particular tweet was indeed a rookie mistake.