It’s 2015 and with Laverne Cox and Caitlyn Jenner being celebrated for their accomplishments as transgender role models, there’s a transgender male in Atlanta, Georgia who is winning bodybuilding competitions!

Shawn Stinson, a veteran of the Prime Marine Corps, returned home from active duty and transitioned into a male.

Not just any male. Stinson became a transgender bodybuilder and personal fitness coach!

You heard that right: transgender bodybuilder.

After “feeling weird” in 2008, Stinson began to unknowingly make his transition from female to male by visiting a doctor and expressing how he was feeling and what he wanted done to fix it. However, it wasn’t until 2010, after seeing a transgender man on television, did Stinson become aware of his surgical options. This was the point at which he become completely invested in his transition, literally!

The pictures below from Stinson’s Facebook page shows what he looked like before transitioning into a male.


Now engaged to a woman, Shawn Stinson won his first competition as a professional bodybuilder in 2014 at the 1st annual FTM Bodybuilding competition in Atlanta, Georgia.

…Be considerate of things that other people are going through. We’re no different than anybody else. We’re all the same. We’re human beings. It’s all about respect. That’s all we want at the end of the day– equality, right?

Go ‘head then Shawn, preach!