Keep it 100: What’s More Important Money, Sex, or Personality?

We have all had this aged old debate about what takes priority in a relationships, money, sex or personality. If you’ve been dating for a while, you’ve most likely had this conversation with friends on a number of occasions, but in terms of preference, if you had to choose ONLY one thing that your partner must ultimately have, would it be a plethora of money, amazing sex, or a swagger’ personality?


Financial security is one of the most important things a couple should have if they’re seriously thinking about being together for the long haul. This starts with both individuals being comfortable and totally able to manage their own finances themselves, then shared finances. Why is money important? Statistics show that money is the leading stressors to relationships and marriages, which often results in breakups and divorces in the future. A survey conducted by SunTrust Bank found that 35% of all relationships primarily failed because of finances, while annoying habits from partners came in second at 25%. Among the surveyed participants, the most affected age group was 44 to 54. Before you consider getting into a serious commitment to the other person, you should both be financially secure.

Money really touches everything. It impacts people’s lives!

Emmet Burns, Brand Marketing Director for SunTrust


Although money may be the reason why most relationships fail, sex may be the primary reason why couples get together.  While some may say great sex is not everything in a relationship, there are others who say its a big deal breaker if the sex is not up to par.  What goes on in the bedroom says a lot about a couple. For example, if you’re one of those people who lets your partner go down on you but won’t return the favor, then its a sign that you’re not only a selfish piece of shit in the bedroom but in your overall relationship as well.

If you’re a lazy lover in the bedroom, then it’s safe to say you’re lazy outside of the bedroom with your relationship.

Sienna Sinclaire, Sex Coach

Besides physical attraction and chemistry, how often are you trying new things with your partner? Are you sexually attracted to your partner? Aside from your ex, are you attracted to or thinking about other men and women? Studies show that fantasies are healthy in a relationship but when you’re focused on other people instead of your partner, it can be a sign that the relationship is doomed for disaster. How about cuddling? A study published by Archives of Sexual Behavior, found that kissing and cuddling after sex leads to a more satisfying and happier relationship. We have all had sex with that one person who passes out and falls asleep right after sex. That in itself can be a sign of trouble in a relationship. Although sex may not be the number one reason relationships fail, it is an area that can cause much stress which may lead to cheating and infidelity. It’s best to explore and analyze this before jumping in a relationship, or even worse, marriage.


Compatibility is the key to having a mind-blowing romantic relationship filled with passion – love and intimacy.

Leon Carrington, Self-proclaimed Sexologist

Why do we often fall in love with people who are completely different from us? Have you ever had that light bulb moment while watching your partner and realized… “we are nothing alike, or how the hell did I end up with this jackass?” Well you’re not alone. This is normal and contrary to popular belief, opposite do attract. However most people often get into a habit of trying to change their partners when they come across thoughts like this.

Knowing your partner’s personality type, too, can help you both navigate life together more smoothly.

Gretchen Rubin, Best Selling Author

If knowing yourself so well makes you a great romantic partner, then knowing your partner’s personality can make you an awesome romantic partner and make for a long lasting relationship.

The people who are most successful and the happiest are the ones who’ve figured out, whether consciously or unconsciously, how to counterbalance the limitations of their tendency.

Gretchen Rubin, Best Selling Author

What happens if y’all get together and come to find out, you actually cannot stand him or vice versa? Not all personality types go together, specifically if you haven’t gotten to know each other beyond the bedroom. Maybe the sex is great and he/she has money, but that means nothing if you can’t even stand to be in their presence majority of the time.

All in all, the decision often comes down to your preference and position in life. Not everyone is looking for financial security over amazing sex. Some are more interested in personality while others do want someone who can spend and manage money freely.

Be honest with yourself first and foremost about what you want, then go from there!

So keep it 100, what would be your priority if you only had the choice to choose from one of the following; great sex, financial freedom or an awesome personality? Don’t be greedy, choose just one! Leave your comments below.

photos/Leon Carrington