Police arrested and charged Hansel Ramirez for pushing a 96-year-old woman down outside her building, causing her to break her hip.

Filomena Vargas was attempting to enter her building in Manhattan, when Ramirez approached her and demanded that she move out of his way so he could get into the building. When Vargas did not move fast enough, Ramirez violently pushed her to the ground.

He said, ‘get away from me. Let me go inside. I’m going inside. I tried to hold the door and I tried to hold myself up, but he knocked me down onto the floor. Look at me, laying out in bed suffering for his actions. He should be sentenced to many years in prison.

Filomena Vargas

man pushes 96 year old woman down and breaks her hip

Vargas was assaulted at 4pm in the afternoon, shattering her right leg and breaking her hip in the fall. She was found by her son, crying as she lay outside the building in pain.

Ramirez was found by police at his grandmother’s house and had been previously arrested on three separate occasions for trespassing. He faces second-degree assault charges.

When a woman is 96 years old, you should be offering to open the door for her, not violently assaulting the poor woman. Imagine the conversations he’ll be having while he’s in jail”

Inmate: “What are you in for?”

Ramirez: “Pushing an old woman to the ground.”

Inmate: *Laughs hysterically*

photos/NY Daily News