Meeting Mr. Right can be a tough and confusing mission, so for those out there wondering about what to ask before getting serious with a man, a background check never hurts, but you also need to be looking at these essentials.

First of all, to know if he is going to be dependable, find out where he lives, as in whether he owns or rents his own place or sleeps on a couch in his friends living room. Also, if you are thinking of becoming legally one, ask about his credit score to know what kind of financial responsibilities he has.

To know more about what kind of a man he is, find out how he is when he is angry, meet his friends and, of course, see how he treats his mother as that could indicate how he will treat you as an important woman in his life. And don’t forget that if he only has horrible things to say about his exes, he won’t be saying nice things about you if you break up.

Naturally, you will want to see if you and your potential Mr. Right “click”, so you need to find out if you are both looking for the same type of relationship, if you have similar moral values, and what his goals and dreams are, both personally and professionally.

And since not all surprises are good ones, go ahead and have that awkward conversation to find out about his STD status, and if he has any skeletons in his closet that you should know about.

Quick Hitters:

Pay Attention to His Attire

Some men aren’t going to be the sharpest dressers when you meet them but if you see that they at least take the time to tuck their shirt in, clean their shoes, wear shocks without holes in them, etc. Don’t rule them out. Sometimes it takes a well put together woman with a killer fashion sense, to pass that off to her man.

How Many Phones Does He Have?

If he has more than two phones, he’s either a dealer, criminal, or he’s got hoes in different area codes. Having a separate business and personal phone is fine but when he starts needing multiple phones on different services or a damn burner phone, find the nearest exit.

Baby Mamas

If he’s got more baby mamas than Lil Wayne, Run for the hills!

What are some of your deal breakers? Holla at me!