Any man in a relationship has probably heard the words “I’m not in the mood.” So when exactly are women in the mood for sex?

Here are some odd times or things that get women in the mood:

After hearing her friends’ horrible stories about single life during girl’s night out, she will probably come home to you in the mood for some action.

Also, seeing you get all worked about something you are passionate about or whenever you exude creativity will put her in the mood.

If other women compliment you or if you do something to help her friends or family.

Usually, women are in the mood after a good night’s sleep and when they are feeling sexy, for example after shaving, when wearing heels, racy underwear, or after other men hit on them.

However, they are also in the mood for sex after a nightmare, crying, a bath, or when it is rainy, thundery or snowy outside and they are warm and cuddled inside with you.

Does This Mean You’re Getting Some?

Not to get you all super excited whenever any of these things happen, but you shouldn’t expect that your woman is going to want sex every time the weather is bad or she gets a compliment.

If you’re messing up all the time: coming home all hours of the night, don’t have a job, taking her for granted; you know, things of that nature. Chances are you ain’t getting some anytime soon.

Women are proven to be the more intelligent of the two genders, so trust me, they pick up on when you think you’re getting some.

Fellas, step your game up before someone else starts getting your woman in the mood!