According to a study conducted by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OCED), Lithuania wins the title of most “alcohol-obsessed” country.

The OCED study collected data on how much alcohol per liters is bought by people aged 15 and above in one year,  they found Lithuania on top of the list with 14 liters of alcohol consumed per capita, while America came in pretty low on the list with only 8.8 liters of alcohol consumed per capita.

The study also found a correlation between income and amount of alcohol consumed. Men with lower socioeconomic status tend to consume more alcohol than those with a higher status, while the equation was reversed for women with those who have a high socioeconomic standing consuming more alcohol than those with a lower status.

Which Country Drinks the Most Alcohol

OECD (2015), Alcohol consumption (indicator). doi: 10.1787/e6895909-en (Accessed on 17 November 2015)

We tend to lead the world in all the worst categories, from obesity to incarceration, the United States has a knack for being ranked first. For that reason, while I never expected us to be #1 in this study, I was definitely shocked to see we were near the bottom of the list.

I would think lower age limits, likely contribute to their high consumption of alcohol. Rather than setting strict laws regarding alcohol, European countries tend to offer more freedom to their citizens from what I can tell.

I point to this freedom and more lenient laws, as the reason for the data to come out as it did.

I’d be more interested to see data regarding illegal consumption by underage drinkers.

By the way, when I read the portion about rich women drinking more, my immediate thought was, “Hello, housewives of the world.”

Poor men will spend their last dime on a drink, rich women will spend their fortune on drinks. Who’s really winning?