An Arkansas mother of three is charged with infant endangerment after giving her 10-month old baby, bourbon in his baby bottle. The infant was found unresponsive by family members and flown to a hospital nearby where doctors found that he had an alcohol level of 0.19 in his blood.

Lori Sheppard, the mother of the drunken baby, claims she was simply trying to ease her infant’s teething pain by rubbing bourbon on his gums.  Her attempts to use medication to soothe her baby’s pain, failed to offer relief. 

Sheppard, mother to three children in all, including the infant, had all three removed from her custody following the arrest. They are currently in the care of the Department of Human Services.

Lori Sheppard Mugshot

In case you missed it, a portion of Lori Sheppard’s shirt reads: “You’re an Idiot!” in all caps. Talk about knowing your worth!

Yes, we’ve all heard our grandmothers and mothers say rubbing a small amount of alcohol on a baby’s gums, will ease their pain from teething aches. However, nowhere in that advice, do they say give your baby enough alcohol to make them legally drunk.

I have absolutely zero sympathy for this woman as she’s right, she is an idiot. How as the mother of three children, do you think giving your baby that much alcohol isn’t going to be deemed child abuse? Lawd have mercy!

In no scenario, does this make any sense to me. None! Do not pass go, just carry her ass to prison. Please and thank you.