Jazz Jennings has had a whirlwind week. The 14-year-old transgender became the talk of the town when he bagged a reality show that would highlight and display his life as a gender stereotypical girl. The 11-episode series has been disclosed to run as All That Jazz on the TLC network. Right after the announcement, Jazz landed another lucrative deal; he became the face of Clean & Clear acne treatment products. Clearly on cloud nine, Jazz can be seen in a Clean & Clear video campaign saying, The real me is happy and proud to be who I am. And Im just having fun being one of the girls.

Jazz’s proud sentiments haven’t all been well received by parents all over. He has faced flak for his role in the Clean & Clear campaign. The worried parents fear that Jazz’s message sends wrong signals to troubled youth. The signal being, If you dont like yourself the way you are, you can take dangerous hormones for the rest of your life or have radical surgery to remove your body parts. 

The daring Jazz started exhibiting great courage when he was only five years old. During that time, he told his parents he was a girl. His parents were supporting enough to purchase feminine clothing for him and Jazz’s fixation with girlish things only started to gain further momentum. The entire transition started after he was diagnosed with gender identity disorder when he was four. Jazz initially used YouTube as a platform to gain exposure.