Here’s a recap of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion (Season 6) Part 2.

The episode heavily featured the housewives reflecting on Kenya and Porsha’s falling-out. Of course, the altercation continued with Kenya keeping the “Fire Porsha” train rolling. Talk show host, Andy, kept asking Kenya about the incident, but he couldn’t get the answers he was looking for. There can’t possibly be an excuse or an explanation for the violent outburst, can there?

Moving on, Kandi and Mama Joyce had their own moments. Mama Joyce doesn’t seem to understand the notion of being the bigger man; it was funny and sad at the same time when she pretended not to know her daughter, Kandi’s, forthcoming wedding date. Mama Joyce rejoiced acting a fool and Andy kept egging her on with his questioning. It was pretty evident that Kandi was embarrassed during the entire episode.

We swear we could have played a drinking game watching Cynthia. The game would be based on people predicting if tears would roll out of Cynthia’s eyes. She was on the verge of crying her heart out every time the spotlight was on her. It certainly didn’t help her cause when her friendship with Nene was talked about. It is crystal clear that the Nene situation really stings Cynthia.

Nene seems to have her guards up this season. It means that she is a lot more insensitive and harsh towards everybody, especially Cynthia. We understood where she was coming from when she said what she said about Peter, but her stone cold heart this season will probably be her downfall!

The husbands will be joining the ladies next week. The next episode certainly has all the ingredients to be more than interesting.