The People United for Medical Marijuana political committee has the support of nearly 20 percent of voters in Florida, to present an amendment change to the state’s legalization of medical marijuana.

With the November ballot vote in only a few weeks, the group is attempting to get the required 60 percent of petition signatures to have the issue appear on the ballot. In recent weeks, support for the issue has skyrocketed with signatures going from 73,713 on August 31st, to 222,349 as of mid-day October 1st.

In 2014, the same group attempted to gain support from Florida voters, only to end up 2 percent short of reaching the required signatures to present to the Florida Supreme Court.

At this time, there has been no date set for the Supreme Court’s ballot vote, which means that the group is likely aiming to get the necessary signatures within the next four weeks.

With growing support for medical marijuana and the substantial boosts it has given to states like Colorado and Washington, there are movements going on across the country to get more states to legalize the plant.

If it were up to you, would you want medical marijuana to be legalized in Florida?

I say go for it! We could all use a little extra coin in our pockets and happier people around us. Besides, more and more people die everyday from drunk driving and alcohol poisoning yet it’s perfectly legal to buy alcohol from a liquor store down the street from a church. If you don’t see the hypocrisy in this bullshit then you’re living under a damn rock.

#TeamLegalizePot – I’m Leoncarrington and I approve this message!