The Expendables 3
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The Expendables 3 is another action filled tough guy movie. The plot is simply enough. Barney Ross played by Sylvester Stallone puts together a new team to destroy Conrad Stonebanks,┬áthe Expendables co-founder and notorious arms dealer. Of course, Stonebanks played by Mel Gibson is equally determined to wipe out Barney and every member of his team. If you like shoot ’em up movies, then you’ll love the rapid fire action sequences in The Expendables 3. Just don’t expect a great plot.

In addition to Arnold Schwarzenegger who returns as Trench, this all-star cast also includes Harrison Ford who plays a cranky government agent, Antonio Banderas who plays an all-too-eager assassin, and Wesley Snipes who plays Doc. You will recognize a handful of other famous actors who make appearances throughout the movie. It’s definitely worth seeing all these guys on the same screen.

The Expendables 3 also has enough tough guy one-liners and jokes to keep you laughing in between the lethal action.