A disabled veteran was robbed at gunpoint in Sanford, FL while traveling to the store to purchase bread. The incident happened on Country Club Circle around 8:00pm Thursday night and was caught on video by local surveillance cameras in the area.

FOX 35 News Orlando

Lawrence Williams, the 72-year-old veteran was in his vehicle when one suspect approached his car with a gun, demanding that he get out. telling him, “I want your vehicle and I’m going to take it.” The man, unwilling to part from his vehicle, attempted to back up his car but was abruptly stopped when the suspect pulled open the car door and demanded that he get out again. At this point, the second suspect approached the car from the rear.

The disabled veteran was pulled from the car and thrown to the ground. At which point, both suspects jumped into the vehicle and sped off with his wallet, oxygen tank, medication, cane, and cellphone.

At this point in time, the vehicle has been located but there was no sign of the two suspects and Sanford police have zero suspects. Lawrence Williams escaped the scene with only minor cuts and bruises.